General Information Edit


Game Engine: RPG Wolf Editor

Original Release Date: May 26th, 2011

Latest Update: Version 3

Creator: Sen of Miscreant's Room

Original Language: Japanese

Translators: VGPerson (English)

Downloads: Japanese | English

Plot Edit

"It's been three months since the mysterious disappearance of Misao.
No one has any idea where she could have gone, but many believe she's dead by now.
And when paranormal events crop up around the school, rumors spread that she's out for revenge..."

- Translation of the Story Summary by VGPerson

Characters Edit

Aki: The main protagonist and playable character within the game. You are able to choose your gender at the beginning of the game, both of them have orange-brown hair and brown eyes.

Ayaka: Aki's best friend and a supporting character. She's got orange-blonde hair and brown eyes. She's also got a crush on their teacher Mr.Sohta.

Misao: The main heroine of the game, she disappeared before the events of the game. She's got black hair, straight bangs and brown eyes. She was bullied prior to her disappearance.

Kudoh: Once Misao's childhood friend, he's got a calm and collected appearance. He matured earlier then most of his classmates. He's got green hair and brown eyes.

Saotome: Her nickname is Otome, she has long blonde hair in a pony tail and amber colored eyes. She acts like a very stereotypical girlfriend to Tohma.

Tohma: A supporting character in the game. He tends to have a player-like personality in which he has love interests with multiple characters. He has spiked blonde hair and amber eyes.

Sohta: The teacher to the students. He's got brown hair and is thought of as being a very kind and caring teacher. Ayaka has a crush on him.

Yoshino: A bully at the school, she often picked on Misao leading up to her disappearance. She has coral pink hair and golden eyes.

Onigawara: An older gentleman who is bald, has red eyes and pointed ears. He claims that he's the student council president.

Ms. Library: A girl who's gained her nickname due to always being found in that location. She's got thick glasses, making it hard to see her eyes, and black hair that's pulled into a short braid. She is Onigawara's Vice President of the student council.

Game Features Edit

  • Bonus Content
  • Environmental Enemies
  • Multiple Endings
  • Various Enemies
  • Various Puzzles