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RELEASED: December 10th, 2012
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Plot Edit

"Aya Drevis is a young girl who lives in northern Germany.
Since her mother's passing, she's felt lonely living with just her father and his assistant Maria.
What's more, she knows her father's secret..."

- Translated of the Story Summary by VG Person

Characters Edit

Aya Drevis: The main protagonist of the game. She has long black hair and blue eyes. She is 11 years old and the only child to Alfred and Monika Drevis.

Alfred Drevis: Aya's father and a scientist. He has brown hair and is always seen wearing glasses and a lab coat.

Monika Drevis: The late mother to Aya and husband to Alfred. She is deceased before the beginning of the game, however she was quite beautiful. She had long brown hair and blue eyes.

Maria: Alfred's assistant and lover. She's got brown hair and bright green eyes.

Snowball: A small pet rabbit that belongs to Aya, you are able to play as Snowball briefly.

Dio: A young boy with blonde hair and a brown eye, he seems to care deeply for Aya.

Orge: A strange bald man with red eyes and pointed ears. He offers assistance to Aya through information.

Game Features Edit

  • Multiple Endings
  • Multiple Playable Characters
  • Various Enemies
  • Various Puzzles