General Information Edit

Game Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace

Original Release Date: 17th of Febuary, 2013

Creator: TearsOfNightfall

Downloads: English Spanish

Plot Edit

When a party for a wealthy family’s ten year old daughter ends with the birthday girl dead, her older sister missing, and the father refusing to call the police, the detective isn’t exactly conventional. She finds herself at the site of the crime – a rented out old mansion – without any trace of memory. It’s the landlady who tells her that she is a private investigator who’s been hired to catch the culprit and bring them to justice.

But how can she solve a murder when she can’t even deduce her own name? Was it one of the party goers who did the young guest of honor in? …Or was it the ghost said to wander the haunted halls? Can she manage to find the missing girl before another tragedy takes place?

…And will she be able to sleuth out her own memories and the meaning behind their disappearance at the same time?

Characters Edit


Gender: Female

Age: ??

Occupation: Private Investigator

Bio: An apparent detective who found herself at the scene of the crime without her memories. She seeks to uncover the truths behind both the murder and her own amnesia. She doesn’t come across as particularly professional, and carries a hint of snark, but can be all-business and highly determined when push comes to shove.

Annabell (victim)

Gender: Female

Age: 10

Occupation: Elementary School Student

Bio: An unfortunate young girl who’s promising future was cut short during her tenth birthday party. She was a good kid; kind, bright and curious, if just a tad bit spoiled and used to getting her way.


Gender: Male

Age: 52

Occupation: Bank CEO

Bio: A wealthy, successful man who’s carried a surprisingly fragile heart since the passing of his wife. Typically, he only shows his soft spot to his two girls. He has always been particularly dotting towards his young Annabel – she reminded him of her beloved mother and the sudden loss has seemingly left him devastated.


Gender: Female

Age: 14

Occupation: High School Student

Bio: A previously outgoing girl who hasn’t been the same since the loss of her mother. Nonetheless, she is generally quiet and sweet, if a bit of a wallflower. She is currently missing and is feared to be in danger.

Game Features Edit

♦ Interview suspects, present items, and scour the mansion for clues!

♦ A story-driven title – solve a classic but tragic murder mystery

♦ Choose between two variations of the ending – decide the culprit’s fate!

♦ Atmospheric soundtrack

♦ A custom evented menu, lighting effects, and other enhancements

♦ Approximately 60 - 120 minutes of gameplay