RELEASED: January 26th, 2006
ENGINE: RPG Maker 2000
EN VersionDE Version

Plot Edit

"Taking place somewhere in California, the game follows Sandra Richmont, who was traveling with her parents to visit their uncle. After an argument and a bathroom stop, her parents appear to have driven off without her. Thinking that her parents plan to stay overnight in the nearest city, Dusty Creek, Sandra heads towards there. However, after meeting two others who are stranded, she realizes that they are trapped and the city has some dark secrets..."

Characters Edit

Sandra: The main protagonist. She's been left after an argument with her parents and finds herself in Dusty Creek. She's got black hair and brown eyes. She starts off in a green tank top, dark blue shorts and white sneakers, after being kidnapped she is put in a white dress, and after she, Jake and Alan reach the cabin, she wears a red tank top, black jeans and shoes.

Game Features Edit

  • Enemy Encounters
  • No Combat System
  • Various Puzzles
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