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Dear Red is an rpgmaker VX Ace horror game made by Lee sang (also known as Sang Gameboy). The game revolves around choice based dialogue which is almost always "truth" or "lie". The game has 16 endings, each taking roughly 3 minutes or less to get depending on where you save.

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Plot Edit

Red is a young woman he witnessed her mother die at an early age and was traumatized by it, causing the memories to become blurred in her head. Her father dies some time before the game takes place, once she has grown up. She now has a clearer picture in her head of what happened that night her mother died. She knows who the murderer is and, with knife in hand, she is on her way to get revenge now.

Ending spoilers
The "murderer's" daughter Anna is revealed to be terminally ill and has been bedridden for several years. It is also revealed that Red's father is the one who killed her mother, not "the murderer". Her father had amnesia after the event and the events were kept a secret from Red. Her father also told "the murderer" to kill Red if she ever found out, as he felt it would lead her into self destruction and ultimately kill herself. True to his word, in every ending where Red finds out that "the murderer" wasn't the killer, he shoots Red. The only endings where she lives will leave her still not knowing the truth about her father.
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Characters Edit

Red: The protagonist of the story, seeking revenge on the murderer that killed her mother years ago.

Murderer: The man that Red recognizes as her mother's killer.

Anna: The murderer's daughter

Game Features Edit

-A few custom assets

-Multiple endings

-Short playtime